Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Recipe : Gluten Free Spinach & Feta Muffins

I have recently been experimenting with gluten free flour because I’m not great with wheat. Some folks don’t mind the bloat and like to boast a bump the size of a full term child for comedy value. I prefer not to roll around like a constipated womble and so tend to avoid bread and pasta and suchlike. But I had a little free time this weekend and so made a few goodies for a vegetarian party for next weekend and thought I might partake in a little gluten free chemistry. This was one of the treats I created – feta and spinach muffins and they were pretty darn tasty.

Don’t worry if they don’t tend to rise, I think that’s the gluten free thing going on and the weight of the spinach. There’s a reason why Popeye was so muscly. Putting a fork laden with cooked spinach to your mouth every meal must really work those biceps. These savoury cup cakes are still very tasty, just a little heavier than usual muffins. But you could always go for plain old flour and be done with it, bloat or no bloat.

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