Monday, 13 February 2012

Crafty DIY : Wooden Bench with Hessian Cushions

Well, here it is! What you have all been waiting for… the great big reveal. May I present to you The Bench. The Bench, handmade by my Dad and the newest addition to our dining room - which turned out to be the missing piece. As soon as it was painted and popped in place, the room seemed to take a big contented sigh as though this room was complete now. Or maybe that was me sighing.

So here’s a massive ‘thank you’ going out to my mate in France, who has created another beautiful one off. This bench is not a quick job, but I think you’ll agree totally worth the love as it has a storage compartment under the seat and is about as robust as my tank proof gate (more on than later). I think I am correct in saying that the frame was built first with the front and back panels being measured, cut and put in place. Next came the seat, which was attached with hinges onto a back baton so that the seat can be lifted and will rest when leaning back. Then the side panels were shaped and attached to the ends as the finishing touch.



I didn’t have much to spend on cushions, so whilst picking up some sand for the garden, I spotted these empty hessian sand bags for 99p. I simply cut out a floral design I found on Google images and used the stencils (two different sizes) to print the hessian sacks. You can find out how to make your own sturdy stencils here. I was out of fabric paint, but white satin works just as well. Next I removed the string tie and used this to sew the ends shut, once the sack was filled with a little shallow padding borrowed from an old square cushion.


I originally designed it to have hearts carved into the back, but the other half, who is getting a little weary of all the hearts that come into the house, put his foot down once more, which is fair enough I think. We painted it with a watery white wash (one part emulsion to three parts water) and once adorned with cushions, she was ready to take her place in our shabby chic dining room. Except there’s nothing shabby about this bench. The cat seemed to approve pretty much instantly, refusing to hop down whilst I took photos.


And here you have it. We love it so much, we’ve been racing each other to sit on it each night, which is fairly ridiculous as it seats about ten people. Okay, maybe four, but that’s not bad for when we have guests. Now I just need to persuade my old mate to help out with my latest brain scheming project – a pallet wood sofa and matching chairs for the back garden!


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  1. Tell me about it. He may be old and blind, but he still knows how to work it.


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