Friday, 10 February 2012

Crafty DIY : Wallpaper Wrapping Paper

I’m sure we all have those days near the end of the month when the spare pennies will only just about cover a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine, I mean milk. Or you might have forgotten to wrap a present for your evening out straight after work. Or you might be plain bored with the selection of sun bleached, dreary wraps in the local post office. Hang on a moment – was that a light bulb that just flashed? All these problems can be solved for free with one quick trip to your nearest DIY depo.

Venture into the wallpaper section and check around for the already opened rolls of paper and tear off small sections as you are usually allowed to take samples of wallpaper home with you. Don’t take the mickey though, keep the strips to less than 50cm to leave lots left for others and it just seems indecent to open a new roll, so some scruples are needed here folks. The quality of the paper is usually lovely and thick with glorious colours and patterns; you never know, you might just be inspired to create a feature wall in your home. Pretty shapes within the design such as flowers can be cut out and attached with double sided sticky tape for a pretty decoration. Extra bonus points for making gift tags from the paint swatch cards.

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