Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Crafty DIY : Twenty Minute Table

This was easy peasy, just the way I like it. I didn’t have a plan, so I just winged it. And it turned out fine, just the way I like. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t always work out this easy. I am a constant optimist about how much time a project will take. This time, I even surprised myself. No kidding, this table took only twenty minutes to build from scratch.

So if you have a space that needs filling and are looking to make a table, listen up. If not, simply marvel at what can be achieved in twenty minutes and go make something happen with your spare twenty minutes.  To start, measure your space and decide the size of your table. This one was 130cm by 50cm. I mention this because the width took exactly five 10cm planks of wood, worth bearing mind whilst buying wood as it means no extra sawing.

Then measure you planks to the correct length, mark with a pencil and saw off the excess. On a flat surface, line them up, nice side face up and cut two lengths of wooden batons to size, slightly smaller than the width. You will then need to carefully put these under the shorter edges of your planks and whilst carefully holding them all tight together, screw these in from above, leaving enough room on the edge to attach the legs so that they don’t show. Add another baton in the middle should you need it for stability.

Next, carefully turn the table top over and cut your legs to size. I used the leftovers from the wood used for the top, sawing a smidge off so that the table fits perfectly under the window. Screw the legs into the horizontal batons at the edge where you left a space (you left a space right?) and to make it a little more sturdy, turn the table back up the right way and attach a brace to the legs each side with any old wood you happen to have lying around. To get the braces the same height, simply use another piece of wood underneath when attaching each brace so that it will raise your brace off the ground the same distance each time.

If you beat my time of twenty minutes, congratulations, you earn respect! Now you just need to paint, stain or varnish and you’re done. I was going to white wash this table, but decided I quite liked it natural, so it will stay like this until I choose a colour varnish I fancy. I wanted to make a table because we just used the space as a dumping ground for wellies and empty wine bottles and the litter tray for the kids was never nice to sit next to whilst eating dinner. So I made a curtain for the front. I kind of cheated as my sewing machine needs fixing. I cut up an old curtain bottom and safety pinned along the top to make a tab which I then threaded with curtain wire and fixed it to the underside of the table top. There’s a little gap on the left which allows the cat entry to his, now private, commode.  The cat’s happy, I’m happy now it’s all neat and tidy in this corner and the other half is happy because he wasn’t pestered to make a table, I managed it all on my own J


  1. I love this idea Zo!! i have prited a picture out and put it in my 'idea book' :-) take care xxx

  2. Brilliant, you too have an Ideas Book! I hear exciting things may be happening your end, but I won't ask just in case. Looking forward to the next update from the folks though! X

  3. Excellent, we just made almost a copy for our garden. Thanks for posting!


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