Friday, 17 February 2012

Crafty DIY : Pin Cushion Jar

That hugely talented seamstress friend I have over at Sakura Designs? Well, she has done it again - creating another little stunner of a project. This time, thanks to me not yet finding my sewing kit, she has tied me over with a gorgeous little jar filled with a selection of sewing staples, oh and a pin cushion built into the lid! This is not only cute, but is a very handy size to carry around with you for projects.

The original idea came from here which is great for a visual step-by-step. Basically you glue a little circle of fabric  around the lid of your chosen jar and decorate as you see fit (I love this string of flowers). Next make another circle and sew around the edge, pulling tight and adding a little padding before you close it completely and tie it off. Glue this padded bun to the underside of the lid. The original tutorial shows the pin cushion on the outside, but either works very well.

Secure the bun with something heavy to allow the glue to dry securely and whilst you wait, fill your little jar with sewing essentials - colourful pins, needles, a few cottons and I was lucky enough to be given a few sparkly buttons and fabric flowers. This is such a good idea for a present, perhaps for Mothering Sunday or a stocking filler at Christmas - very handy for students too as it ensures they have the basics for darning socks (does anyone still do that?) and fixing a shirt button for that all important first job interview.


  1. This is really cool. It reminds me of those butter bells!

  2. Totally! Just a really cheery version!


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