Monday, 6 February 2012

Crafty DIY : Embossed Thank You Cards

I have seen this idea used on simple wedding invitations and thought it looked very stylish. So I scrambled into the attic (which is actually relatively easy, seeing as we sleep in the attic - it merely means drinking a shrinking potion Alice style and crawling into the half sized door behind the bed into the wonderful world of my craft baskets... that is until we create a craft studio shed in the back garden!!!) So anyway, I dug out my Junior Dymo embossing machine and set to work punching out those two lovely words THANK YOU.

The embossing tape is self adhesive, so these homemade thank you cards don't take too long to throw together. I used my favourite type of blank cards - brown paper effect, but you could use anything you fancy, maybe even a smaller sized card. I would wrap all my presents in brown paper if I could only reach to the back of the attic to retrieve it. I cannot wait to have a little studio out back. Mind you, I will need to plan in advance when it's this cold - get the old heater cranked up in the morning, so that it's toasty by the time I venture out adorned with multiple scarfs and ear muffs.

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