Friday, 13 January 2012

Sneak Peek...

Ooooohhh... look what has landed in our dining room... a lovingly hand built bench! But you get just a little sneaky look today - she needs painting first before we can do the great unveiling. MASSIVE thanks go out to my Old Fogie for building us such a handsome bench. He worked very hard this month and has created a beautiful heavyweight piece of furniture that will hopefully last for years and years, if not generations.

She looks the part and accomodates at least three people. So watch this space for our newest introduction to our home. Plus, with a little bit of daylight this weekend I will be getting some more shots of the other rooms we redecorated in November. There's so much to show you! I won't show you the blocked drains though - the other joys of home owning, of course, occasionally raise their ugly head. Character building some may say. Too familiar I say.

Bonjour Marie Jo! Nous visitons la France en avril pour une semaine et aimeraient vous voir. Peut-être nous apporterons quelque plus des slips pour vous aider la réparation avec the other half. The Old Fogies ont apprécié vraiment Noël avec vous et ont dit qu'ils a mangé assez pour dix gens ! Espérer que vous appréciez le Nouvel An et le temps chaud.

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