Friday, 6 January 2012

Recipe : Smoked Salmon Twirl

Smoked salmon. Mmmmm. A big favourite of mine for special occasions. In fact I made this for breakfast on Christmas day last year (blimey feels weird writing that - I'm still scrawling 2011 everywhere) after amending an Asda magazine recipe to make it more my own. This is very tasty and once refrigerated, leftovers can be eaten again the following day. Yummy.

It was quite good fun too. I'll confess I love making/eating dishes you can play with. Maybe it's the child in me or perhaps I'm just gross and have a secret desire to get messy and start food fights. Although that would be an utter waste of good food. So probably just the child thing then. Anyway...




Simply lay out your smoked salmon and arrange the pieces so that it makes a rectangle, spread on your avocado mix and a sprinkle on a few rocket leaves if you fancy and then get rolling - very carefully so that it all stays together, although mine wasn't perfect and it still looked and tasted pretty darn good. Next freeze it for 20 minutes or refrigerate for about an hour and then remove and slice. Arrange on a plate with extra rocket and some lemon to squeeze for extra yumminess. Luckily, the other half prefers bacon to salmon, so I had all of this to myself - his looked pretty good though. And I have made stealing food from my beloved into a bit of a sport.

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