Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lucky Find

We often take a break from the office at lunch and venture out into the wilderness and this particular intrepid group of explorers often enjoy participating in a spot of teasing every now and then. The subject? Myself, no less. The reason? I obviously enjoy the view, but I'm a beach comber at heart and often walk with my nose to the ground, keeping a look out for various treasures.

The treasures may include lady bugs or a skeleton leaf or a perfect windswept bloom. My treasures are normally met with groans and teasing that 'it's only a lady bug!' or 'it's only a leaf!' But imagine my surprise whilst on one of our jaunts, what should be left by the bottle bank but a tray of about 9 glass candle holders - including these three delights. Somebody obviously thought they were too pretty to smash and left them for somebody like me who wasn't afraid to scoop them up and triumphantly parade them back to the office. Aren't they pretty?

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