Friday, 27 January 2012

It's a Little Dull, But...'s a picture of our garden! I know, it looks pretty dull now, but just you wait! One of our main reasons for moving was because when we swung the cat around he bumped his head on the fence. Only kidding, cat swinging is very much frowned upon in this family. It's just my way of saying that our last garden, well, was way too small for my pottering requirements. So, a new house later and I think I've got enough room to grow into a budding/eager-at-least gardener with the cat in the tree. Only kidding.

So watch this space for a summer full of garden transformations including a dining pergola complete with many, many fairy lights, a relaxing sunbathing lounge (What? She lives in Britain, I hear you yell at your monitors. Well, this may be correct, however never under-estimate true British optimism where the weather is concerned). There will be an under-cover decking area to catch the midday sun, a firepit for those chilly evenings and did I mention that our rather unglamorous shed will soon be a swanky wine bar? Oh the thrill of transformations, I'm so excited, I'm literally bouncing around whilst typing this post.

We've just got to claim back a few free weekends here and there so that we can crack on and enjoy the fruits (quite literally - we have pear and apple trees on their way!) of our labour as the warm weather hits. Just in time for my summer big three oh. And that's oh for 'oh, my goodness, I'm how old?'

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