Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Games Room Retreat

May I present to you the next instalment of the unveiling of our mental redecoration spree spanning just two weeks and involving an entire house. Don't try this at home folks. I think we're still catching up on sleep. The detox doesn't seem to help much, as well as busy days and evenings. How about a belated New Year's Resolution - make more time to relax. In fact, believe it or not, I have started scheduling in time for us to just stay at home and do nothing. And let me tell you - nothing is going to come between us and our occasional weekends at home!

Anyway, was I digressing a little? Perhaps. Apologies, it must be my chocolate and wine starved brain. So... the next room in this thrilling series - the Games Room! In our new home, we have a very small third bedroom. And we really do need it as bed space for guests so the obvious choice was a sofabed. But the room needed more definition. A room with just a sofabed? Dull. What a waste! Too boring for us.

The next logical step was to make it a games room (see how our brains work?) and it is probably one of the most used rooms because of this. There's a little geek in us with a love of computer games (I'm still completing all my many PS2 games which I have acquired over the years - yeah, I know, I'm out of date) and now that we have a Wii, this little room with a four seater sofabed and wall mounted tv makes it THE perfect spot for a little partaking in Mario Kart. This spot, right here, seems to be a bermuda triangle for our guests - if anybody goes missing, the games room is usually the first and only place to check.

Again, there were budget restrictions, so the decor in here was mostly salvaged bits and pieces from the last house, except the sofabed (good old ebay). Thankfully our beloved leaf patterned curtains (beautifully made by the other half's mum no less) fit the window and under the stairs (which is hiding a small office - we need to polish the edges before we unveil this little nook). The blue painting is my own handiwork from my uni days. Wait, that makes me sound really old. It's fairly recent, I promise! Actually, not so much.

The wicker chair we bought off ebay for £5 and a colour coordinated cushion ties it in with the room. The mirror behind does a grand job at reflecting light into this dark little corner. I have a bizarre love of old doorways, so the set of three prints are my favourite door photos from our trips to France. Turning your favourite prints into black and white is easy enough and displaying them in a set of similar frames is a nice and cheap way to make a statement.

I know you can buy them cheaply enough, but the light feature above the sofabed is in fact homemade too. I simply attached some sticky hooks to the top of the wall, hung the net fairy lights in the centre of the sofabed and then bought a ridiculously cheap voile curtain and hung that over the top of the LED lights, which are low on power and are safe to touch fabric without causing a major fire hazard. The lights look incredible at night and are very warming. And don't reflect in the tv to interfere with some serious karting action. Bonus. You may or may not have noticed a few bulbs not working - that pesky rabbit will eat just about anything.

And last but not least, the three pictures hanging in a vertical tryptic are a scene from the Greek island Santorini, one of our most favourite places on Earth. A few years back we were lucky enough to go on the holiday of a lifetime, probably never to be repeated. Two Christmas' ago, in an attempt to save money to buy our first home, we made a 'homemade present only' rule. And this is what the other half secretly painted me (what an uber talented fella) - an everlasting memory to remind us of that awesome adventure exploring volcanos, drinking  2 euro wine, fearlessly leaning into corners on seen-better-days quad bikes and falling in love with proper moussaka. And what did I make him? A wooden sled built like a tank that took out a small hedge on its debut run. What a Christmas!

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