Monday, 16 January 2012

Early Spring Clean

You know when you’ve redecorated your space with paint and the best part is rapidly approaching giving you the tingles. You get that excitement in the pit of your belly that you can  now, finally, fill your room with your favourite furniture, perfect pictures and loyal lamps all creating a space that you KNOW you’re going to adore. And once all the cool stuff is in, you sit back and toast your new space and unwittingly shut out all the leftovers, left out in the garage. Alone. Forgotten. Unwanted.

Well that’s what our garage is filled with - all the leftovers from moving. A broken lamp from a moving day mishap, a handful of bamboo canes, a few books that missed the shelves, an old cushion - slowly growing in size due to mould, a scuffed solitary handle that’s being kicked around from corner to corner. It’s sad because I know that everything out there will get a home eventually, either that or a makeover. But this weekend, we braved the January chill and donned our thermal underpants and headed out to the garage, armed with the radio and a mini heater. And some rooibos tea and apples (detox is in full swing and I’m actually loving it – the other half claims he’s wasting away after only three days).

It started out looking a bit like a second-hand shop’s alleyway but now it’s all clean and fresh (sort of) and waiting for being boxed out and the next exciting stage. A stage of extreme geekiness… the building of the model railway. It is rather sweet really. Sometimes I think the other half gets so excited about his lifelong dream coming true that he might actually wee himself. It’s like watching a little boy on Christmas morning waiting eagerly to see if that bicycle shaped present really is a bicycle. It’s adorable.

And the leftovers? Well, they all became rehomed. Some shelved for another day or another project. Others lovingly salvaged and introduced to our attic. Many of them have been moved to the shed… my soon-to-be little space of geek. A craft studio. We’ve both decided we’re going to invest in walkie talkies so that we’ll be able to chat from our separate shacks. Although my money’s on the other half ‘misplacing’ his batteries, a last attempt at getting a little peace and quiet for ten minutes. Fair play.

By the way, totally missing my folks. After such a lovely couple of weeks of them hanging out at ours, our home is now very quiet. Can’t wait for the spring when there’s a road trip in store for us! France, baby, yeah!

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