Monday, 9 January 2012

Crafty DIY : Wine Cork Pinboard

I completed this project a little while ago, but love it so much I thought I would share it here. That and the New Year has been NONE STOP for us and I have not had a chance to craft anything new recently - we've been having way too much fun with friends and family visiting - cue lots of screeching playtime with the kids, large quantities of the grape pressed wonder and huge consumptions of leftovers from the festive break. Pate anyone? Mince pie perhaps? No, you're right. Mince pies eaten outside the month of December is just plain creepy.

So for this little cutie, you will need to stock up on your old world wines (none of this new world screw top nonsense) or befriend a few neighbouring part time alcoholics. Don't say what you want the corks for in case your goal unwittingly sends them into full time alcoholism. All in moderation please folks. Anyway, the corks stretch further when cut in half, although this can take some time. Next choose what size frame you want. Strangely I used a cheap and cheerful pin board that you see reduced around back-to-school time (lightweight, all ready to hang, flat surface to glue on) and then set to work cutting my corks in half with a small saw. A vice on a workbench speeds this process up dramatically.

Now lay your cork halfs onto the board/frame and start gluing them down. I have a faithful old glue gun that works wonders. Once they are all stuck down and dried, you can start to decorate the outside. I felt my ever growing collection of driftwood compliments corks very nicely (useful tip for all Blighty residents : I adore beach combing and the best beach for driftwood that I have come across in the UK is hands down Selsey beach in West Sussex in the autumn).

Out comes the glue gun and the pieces are arranged and stuck on the surround. String your frame at the back if it is not already done and keep an eye out for funky drawing pins. Or you could make your own like these by supergluing trinkets to your pin heads, although it is worth only using the longer standy outy pins for this so that when you pull them out, you can pull by the stem and avoid breaking off the trinkets. Shall I open another bottle of wine then?

By the way, there are regular link parties over at French Country Cottage, Thrifty Decor Chick and The Shabby Creek Cottage which are all worth a visit. They are basically inspiration boards from lots of very talented crafters, you'll be sure to find something there to get the old creative juices going. Have fun!

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