Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Crafty DIY : Stencilled Welcome Sign

Happy, happy, happy New Year folks! Blimey, another new start already. Do you all have your unobtainable resolutions planned out? What about any realistic ones? We’re going to try and have a French evening once a month – only French speaking allowed  (with the help of a few phrase books) and a new traditional French meal cooked from scratch – which is the only way I could rope the other half into this one! I'm sure there are a few more too, something about getting fit and healthy before the BIG three oh.

anyway, over the Christmas period I made us a welcome sign for our hallway. It’s an attempt to catch peoples eye as they visit instead of being hit by the ENORMOUS rabbit hutch that currently resides in this small space. He’s a pampered house bunny don’t you know. Part of the family. He rolls with us. He wouldn’t last ten minutes over night outside. He needs his cuddles on a regular basis, not to mention a radiator nearby. Plus he’d be so lonely without the grumpy old cat.

Anyway, again, I salvaged this piece of wood a while bag as it was chunky and unusual. It free stands so straight away I knew I wanted it to be a sign. Once dusted off, I gave it a white wash of watered down emulsion and chose a font I liked (free font Amerika). I then printed it onto A3 paper and cut out the shapes carefully (very tough for somebody such as myself) with a craft knife. Then I put it in my bag (why wouldn’t I?) and obviously it came out crumpled. I then spent quite some time trying to iron it out on the lowest setting before placing it on my bit of wood. You can avoid ironing it by not placing it in your handbag. I finally grabbed a scourer from under the kitchen sink and dabbed on some white emulsion and left it to dry.

This welcome  sign is lovely and chunky, I want to make some more bits and pieces in this room to reflect the same style, but we need to paint the walls white first – the only major DIY left to do in our new home. Which means we can probably afford to put it off until the spring.

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