Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Crafty DIY : Scrapbook of Inspiration

Some may call me old fashioned, which is fine. I’m getting to that age where I appreciate lace place mats and crystal cut wine glasses. I have toyed with the modern world like Pinterest which in theory sounds brilliant, but I just can’t help myself - I’m a sucker for cutting out and pasting. I firstly create mood boards in Illustrator and then print out all my favourite pics and pritt stick them into pads and journals to create scrapbooks of inspiration.

This year just gone, I managed to fill an entire hardbound diary with ideas for the house, the garden, outfits, cooking, crafts – pretty much anything that caught my eye and made my heart pop or my lightbulb zing. I’m pleased to say that this has now become my favourite book. Whenever I’m starting a new project or need a little inspiration, this trusty book is never far from my side. 

There are so many talented bloggers, crafters, designers and general Jedi geniuses out there that have been spotted, printed, cut up and stuck down in this here book (not literally you understand, just their beautiful ideas), it makes me proud to be part of the creative community. I’m also hoping that this will be a nice little piece of history to pass down through the family, as it’s almost a doorway into who I am. So here’s a little glimpse to hopefully inspire you to create your own, all-be-it old fashioned, scrapbook of inspiration.

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