Friday, 20 January 2012

Crafty DIY : Painted Picture Mounts

A few months back we had a clear out of our basement at work and I salvaged two very large picture frames with ghastly pictures of tin cans and wires and unsightly mould green mounts. The backs were falling off and the holding pins had come loose and were rusting, so that the glass was precariously sliding down. But the frames looked good and had a white washed look which I knew one day would tie in with our colour scheme.

So these beauties-to-be were carefully stored throughout all the many moves and finally unearthed just before Christmas, when I decided to set to work and turn them into a personal present for the other half. Firstly, I carefully removed each of the menacing pins with pliers (wearing rubber gloves just in case) and then put the backboard to one side. I then removed the mount and hastily threw out the weird images and headed to the garage to get the white paint. I gave the mounts three coats of emulsion each (careful not to leave any brush marks) and left them to dry for a few hours.

Once dry, I started to put everything back together. You will need to give the glass a good old clean and then using masking tape, tape your new image to the mount, but only at the top (so that it can hang). Any other tape will tend to slide over time. Next, pop your mount and image back into the picture frame and whilst holding it in its upright position, tap out any dust that might have got caught between the glass. Once everything is in place, pop the backboard back in and tape up the entire back with brown paper tape (or thick masking tape will do). Restring if needed (D hooks are the most secure) and hang wherever you fancy.

If the frames you find are not a good colour, you can always set to work painting them too. The images I used here are our own photos from two adventures we love to remember - the beach is in Cornwall and the track is in Devon. It's great to have such large images hanging in the lounge, it gives a real focal point for the eye when you enter. Although I've been so tired this week with the detox that all I see is that nice comfy sofa and that cushion calling my name. Mmmmm. Naps.

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