Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Crafty DIY : Magic Hanging Lanterns

Quick DIY project here – I bought these lanterns from the pound store in the summer before we moved, packed them and forgot about them. Then got all excited as I unwrapped them from their storage box and placed them on the floor waiting for inspiration to come to me as to where to put them. I thought about the mantelpiece and then the dining table, then I thought about hanging them somewhere.

And then, after flipping through my trusty old inspiration scrapbook, I found a picture of lanterns hanging over a bath which looked so romantic. And then I giggled childishly as I imagined the other half cursing getting in and out of the bath to use the shower and getting tangled up in the hanging lanterns. But at least I had decided on a room. I just needed a spot. I chose next to the toilet (as you do), pondered using chains to suspend them but then settled on fishing wire so that it looked like they were floating. As I excitedly relayed my plan to the other half questioning where on earth I would be able to buy a fishing line, his response was ‘get your coat’ because… weirdly we have a fishing tackle shop within walking distance, so we went out there and then. Very nice people, fishing tackle shop owners.
Anyway, up went the industrial sized hooks (just in case) and I hooked the fishing wire on. I popped in a few fake tea lights just in case an inebriated guest accidentally bumps into them. Quite a few DIYs on here lately, I know. Maybe I’ll post a few recipes soon just to even it out. Problem is the lighting in the winter, I might make myself a few reflective panels with foil just to show off dishes at their best.

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