Monday, 23 January 2012

Craft DIY : Roped Driftwood Sign

As mentioned previously, I am a self-confessed beach comber and am always picking up bits and bobs to use for various projects. This piece of driftwood actually came from Plymouth whilst we were visiting friends. It was a chilly day when we all wrapped up and went for a stroll (the day after we lost my Dad and he got an ear bashing when we finally found him – that’s another story) and ended up missing the ferry across to Drakes Island. Isn’t it nice for each project to have a little story?

This sign was very easy to make and gives the bathroom door a real facelift. Once you’ve found a decent sized bit of wood, make your word fit to the wood (you could always use new timber, plain the edges to make it more rounded and then gently stain it to make it appear a bit more weathered). I usually type a word in Illustrator and outline it so that you can manipulate it to whichever size. Or do a similar thing in Photoshop. I’m not yet aware of a decent open source Illustrator alternative to recommend, so if anybody knows of one, please be sure to let me know.

Remember to leave enough space to drill your holes each end for the rope to go through. Here we have some bona fide Chatham Dockyard rope, made in the old Victorian ropery using pretty much the original machines (see, always a story). Next, print and cut out your letters with a craft knife to create a stencil and then using a soft sponge dab on your paint. Drill your holes, tie in the rope and hang. Easy peasy and this type of project gives such character to any spot where it’s hung.

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