Thursday, 12 January 2012

Brief Beachy Break

Funds were tight this Christmas (aren't they always?!) and funnily enough we both had the same idea for a Christmas present each - a trip in the new year when we would have a few more pennies to be able to treat each other. My treat, well part of it, includes unlimited (oh my gosh) time in charity shops  one day with a £10 voucher to spend as I see fit (and various meals cooked/bought for me throughout the day) - whoop whoop! What more could an easily pleased girl ask for?!

My treat for the other half was a romantic mini break in Margate, Kent last weekend. Romantic Margate is not, but they had a model railway exhibition to keep the other half happy and a copious amount of chips and television channels (I think most of you know we don't have terrestrial television at home so even adverts hold appeal for a short period of time) and we had lots of fun at the beach. What more could an easily pleased boy wish for?!

We visited Botany Bay featured here and Broadstairs beach too. Botany Bay would be gorgeous first thing in the morning with the sun rising. Definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a sandy beach in Kent. It was a cloudy chilly day when we visited, which was perfect for getting cold to the bone and then heading indoors to defrost and eat more chips. Detox starts tomorrow - oh my, let's see how we get on. We usually eat very healthily but Christmas was a bad phase diet wise - but so worth it though ;)

The day was gloomy which gave an austere feel to the beach, but a subtle light was trying to break through the layered clouds, strangely mimicking the layered chalk surrounding us in the sheltered bay. This gave an eerie sense of optimism, almost a nod to the warmer months heading our way. Also, the gulls need a mention here. The seagulls in the UK appear to be evolving into mammoth birds of prey. I suspect they are practising their swoops stealing our chips for greater things such as swooping to steal items of clothing, maybe even small, vulnerable children - don't underestimate the size of Kentish gulls. Cover your chips whilst you marvel at their body mass index and beady, chip hoarding eyes.





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