Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Recipe : Apple & Custard Twist

Mmmmm. Custard. So good with pretty much anything. But with apple? Perfect. What about baking them together? What a scrummy delight. I was inspired by an apple and custard pie, but I had a roll of pastry to use up so I made a kind of strudel.  Sorry about the pic quality, I only had a small corner to prepare in!

This one was fun. Lay out your puff pastry (if I had the time, I would have made it from scratch but evenings are too precious, so I buy ready rolled packs), cut out the corners, have fun dolloping your custard and artistically arranging your apple slices. Then fold in the two ends and make cuts in the remaining pastry at 45 degrees and fold the strips into the centre, creating a kind of slashed open top.

Bake for a mere 20 minutes and you're done. I pop mine in the oven just as we're sitting down to dinner so that the bell should chime as we're finishing up. Also, your choice obviously, but leftovers taste delicious straight from the fridge. Don't judge me. It's a family thing.


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