Friday, 16 December 2011

Make Time to be Kind

I hope you are all as excited as me about Christmas! But I understand that not everybody gets the festive bug. I don't mean the 24 hour vomiting spree. I mean that tingling in your bones, the anticipation, the looking forward to seeing loved ones. Basically the build up is everything and for us December is a whole month of build up!

But recently I have crossed paths with a few people who are most certainly not feeling it. Which is fine, but I take things way to personally. So when passing people ask me to calm down and not to get so excited, I really take it to heart. Surely I cannot be the only wally running around taking joy in all the preparation. After bouncing around most the day attempting to get colleagues in the festive spirit for our Christmas party, several people felt the need to knock me down or criticise me or my work for what doesn't feel like much reason. I'm all for a giggle but that night I went home feeling really deflated.

I should rise above it and just carry on being me, but we all have days when it feels like such hard work to just stand up straight and smile. I'm very lucky because we both get excited about, well most things, but that night when we got home, I asked the other half if he was genuinely excited about Christmas and he answered with a very affirmative 'absolutely!' He asked me why I had asked and as I explained (firstly he agreed that yes I do take things way too personally), he said he is always surprised by peoples reluctance, mainly because 'it's great to have such an occasion to break up the long winter' but he also suggested that perhaps the people that do not enjoy participating in the fun generally lack passion and enthusiasm in the rest of their world. This really started me thinking (he's very wise that other half - don't tell him I said that) and actually it made me a little sad.

Perhaps some people do take it all too seriously. I know lots of people feel a great deal of pressure to impress at this time of year and make sure everybody has that perfect gift. But that's not what's important. It's the thought, the time and dare I say it without you all groaning, the love. That's what Christmas (and the rest of the year) should be all about. Thinking of others, taking the time to be with each other and enjoying that time, no matter what you get up to.  

The next day I stumbled upon this article which put an additional perspective on people's lack of enthusiasm and perhaps why their tempers raise their ugly heads from time to time. It reminded me that those who snap and try to belittle others are perhaps suffering themselves. So even though we will still have to deal with those out to bite (I'm sure we're all guilty of it sometimes) instead of tensing up and letting their anger penetrate our (defective in my case) barrier, we should treat them with kindness and compassion and perhaps try to slip them up by offering to do something nice for them.

If you are excited about Christmas, crack on and keep up the good work and try not to sweat the small stuff. And be kind to those not interested. If you're one of the afformentioned that aren't interested, try having a little patience with others who are. If you're not in the mood and think this whole festive holiday a tad ridiculous and like to take the michael out of others for dancing around with joy, perhaps try and figure out if there is something you can change in your world so that you too can at least laugh about the madness, even if you don't fancy jumping into it feet first. Or maybe you do, but you're just too scared of looking silly. Which is daft. Or maybe I should just toughen up. Except you brought the fight to me so I will be kind instead.

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