Thursday, 8 December 2011

Crafty DIY : Painted Candle Holders

Candles. Love 'em. Over the years I have collected a few floor standing candle holders, but a few are looking a little more shabby than chic. Out comes the paint. I tell you, when I have a paint brush in my hand, it's not worth stopping by for a coffee as if you sit there long enough, you will get painted too.

This one was originally stained brown and was crumbling at the base. Out comes the white spray paint and what a new look. Sadly I did not take a before photo, but trust me, it looks very different. And gorgeous in our new white dining room - more pics on that soon...

As for this little slender number, I bought this when I was in my teens - it's stayed with me ever since, but always looked a bit drab with it's dark brown colour. This particular day I was painting the chest of drawers silver and so armed with my laden paint brush I was on the hunt for something else to paint and this old candelarbra was looking solemn in the corner. May I introduce it's new look - slender, sleek lines of silver taking years off. And concealing a great deal of dirt and wax. A little cheery glamour added to the guest room. Go on, give us twirl.

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