Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Crafty DIY : Music Paper Table

I made this table a few years back but I will include it on here as a DIY as it's an integral piece to our latest makeover room to be unveiled... the dining room! This table was originally an old bar table in dark brown wood stain and had seen better days. Actually pretty darn good days judging by the drink glass stains left behind.  I picked it up for a couple of pounds at a second hand furniture shop back in my home town. I found bags of music paper at a charity shop around the same time and fancied a go at creating a bespoke piece of furniture.

I singled out the best looking pages with the best torn edges and saved those for the top of the table, and then started with the not so good sheets of music paper for the leg and sides. That meant tearing the sheets into strips according to the size of the leg and feet and sides and using PVA or wood glue (which is basically PVA) to layer the torn bits of music paper until the old table is more or less covered. Think of this as revisiting paper mache from your school days.

For the top, you will need to spend a little more time getting the paper to fit nice and snug along the edges and along the lip as well. Try not to be too overzealous with the glue as you will create bumps. Once it has all dried properly (I would say leave it about a week to ensure it has all dried thoroughly through all the layers), give the top three coats of clear varnish. I didn't bother varnishing the leg and feet, but am very pleased I did with the table top. Mind you, if you follow in my footsteps beware that if the base does get wet, it may well turn out to be a rather sticky affair.


  1. Clever old stick.

  2. This is lovely. I came accoss this page as I am planning on covering an old cabinet with sheet music this weekend. I hope it tuens out as well as this!!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment, I would love to see your cabinet when it's done - best of luck with it. Prepare to get messy with the glue!


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