Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Crafty DIY : Jingle Bell Garland & Table Top Stars

Back to the festive cheer today with a little Christmas DIY. Amidst all the parties and celebrations, I managed to squeeze in a couple of homemade Christmas decorations. This sweet little jingle bell garland was a nice relaxing break from the manic mayhem we are currently enjoying.

I used some gold twine and a pack of mini bells and simply threaded the bells onto the twine and knotted each side to keep the bell securely in place. I repeated this for every inch apart and strung them up over our mirror and around the stair bannister. They jingle jangle beautifully when knocked. Whic is alot with my clumsiness.

I ran out of nice coloured paper so whilst we were in a local DIY store, I raided the Dulux paint chart section. I find pleasure in the little things and hole-punching stars out of these little swatches was so much fun - daft, I am fully aware. I originally intended to string these together too for another garland, but as I started hole-punching on the dining table, they looked so pretty as they fell and landed haphazardly, I decided to keep them on the table as a decoration for our festivities this weekend. Not long now to make your own decorations if you have not done so already!

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