Thursday, 15 December 2011

Crafty DIY : Create a Shabby Chic Mix Matched Dining Set

So you all know our budget for doing up the house was tight. These posts wouldn't be half as much fun if it wasn't. So we had a whole dining room to furnish on the cheap. Enter Ebay and second hand furniture stores. And paint. My new best friend.

so we invested in a few varied chairs. My only prerequisite was that they had arms and were comfy so that we could stay around the table long after dinner had finished. The most expensive second hand chair you see here was £5 and the cheapest was the Lloyd Loom at £1.20! We bought a sideboard off Ebay which did look beautiful in its original state, but the lick of paint has definitely made it part of the family.

So we set to work painting the chairs - the wicker chairs we painted with a brush (prepare to just throw it away afterwards as the bristles do clump up whilst getting in all the nooks and crannies) using white satin and the other two chairs were spray painted with white primer and then white supamatt (two layers). The other half's mum very kindly made the seat cover for the end chair with leftovers from the curtains. Thanks so  much for that! Ignore those two unpainted chairs by the wall - their homemade bench replacement is on its way from my Dad's workshop!!!

The sideboard needed to be a little more robust so that was painted with a white gloss, three layers no less to hide the dark wood, but it looks beautiful now. The whole room was redecorated for around £100, including the mirrors (Range) and chandelier (Ebay) and curtains (Ikea). Hopefully this shows you what can be achieved inexpensively, as long as you're prepared to put in the hours with a paint brush... now where's the wine?

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