Thursday, 29 December 2011

Crafty DIY : Coat Hook Plaque

Since we moved in, we have not had anywhere to hang our coats, so it’s always been a bum fight for the cleanest surface to store our winter woollies. So I finally ventured out to the shed and scrabbled around for a bit of wood, nipped to the post office to buy some hooks and twenty minutes later, it looked a lot like this.

I just watered down some white emulsion paint, gave it a weak coat, being careful to make the washed out effect even. Once dry, I laid out the hooks and made holes with a hole making device (bradel?) when I had them in the right place and then found some suitably sized screws and assembled our new homemade coat hook. And hung it above the radiator - that's worthy of bonus points surely?

I tell you what – it really is the little things in life. When we come home, my face beams as I hang up my coat and silly woolly hat. It continues beaming for about at least anther twenty minutes too as I’m still so excited about going home to a house. Our house. Our home. Whoop whoop!

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