Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Crafty DIY : Chest of Drawers Revamp

I have been sick, like dog tired sick, so sick with all those goodly festive symptoms that I was unable to attend my fancy work Christmas party in London. But I am back to bouncing now (much to everyone's disappointment as I think they all enjoyed the peace and quiet) and it's full steam ahead with getting the house ready for Christmas and planning games and meals and adventures for the holiday season.

So here's a very quick DIY post, you saw it in the room makeover but this could not have been easier and so satisfying to complete. The other half and I kept gazing at this piece of face lifted furniture, because it looks fantastic and has made such a difference to this chest of drawers. We picked it up from a charity furniture shop for £10 and after a quick sand down, I painted it lovingly with two coats of metallic silver paint (for metal and wood) and one coat of clear varnish on top to seal it.

The handles were replaced for smaller, more modern style pewter knobs which cost £1 each and it was completed with a cherry on top by cutting out sheets of wallpaper to line the drawers with. I love a good furniture revamp, and realistically you can spend hours face lifting, but you don't always have to. This was completed in about an hour plus drying time. Just my sort of project :)

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