Thursday, 10 November 2011

Owners of Four (Solid) Walls

Well, it finally happened. We own a home. Again. Which is hugely exciting, so much so we're barely surviving on five hours sleep a night. We bought it for a bit of a bargain and although we have inherited a leaky roof, steamy aluminium windows and an asbestos garage, we're still in shock that we own such a nice pad. We keep expecting a knock at the door from the estate agent apologising profusely because he's made a huge mistake and given us the keys to the wrong house.

We have already started working on it. If anyone mentions polystyrene, expect us to go a little nuts. It turns out that polystyrene ceiling tiles were all the rage once upon a time and one of the previous owners certainly thought so, because they are EVERYWHERE. And a real pain to get down. For three days it looked like we had just stepped in from the snow.

The plasterers are coming out the end of this week and then the real painting begins. Walls, ceilings, furniture, maybe even floors. Stay tuned for pictures of transformation, until then here are a few photos of what we saw when we picked up the keys and opened the door to our new home for the very first time.

The last photo I have included because it summed up day one perfectly - I call it Happy Exhaustion. After exploring, we all just collapsed in a heap with a glass of wine to celebrate. Notice the especially exhausted rabbit who is loving all the new space to run/jump/dance. And before I forget...thanks to everybody that has helped us out with DIY and moving furniture this week. It has been appreciated so very much, apologies if the lack of sleep has rendered us talking gibberish at certain stages. The smiles are definitely still there though.

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