Friday, 4 November 2011

Ode to Caravan

Today we get the keys to our new house - with a bath, a freezer, solid walls, a real kitchen, a private lavatory and masses of potential to become our beloved place to call home. Needless to say our excitement levels are OFF THE SCALE! Our faces hurt from smiling and our aging knees are aching from dancing. The last sleep in the caravan was not unlike waiting for Christmas morning and that mad dash to the stockings, except our mad dash involves driving across Kent to an estate agents.

There is a hint of melancholy as we pack up the caravan and spend our last morning in such small, yet comfortably familiar confines and on that note I have summarised our adventure through the medium of classical cheesy poetry.

So we locked up our belongings and took to the road,

With the cat & rabbit packed up and a caravan in tow.

Our evenings littered with cricket, sunsets and the flaming BBQ,

With a few delectable boxes of white wine thrown in too.

And as it turned colder in our little countryside spot,

We snuggled up with woolly blankets and became far too hot.

We danced, we sang and rode bicycles too,

With the help of a hard drive we easily made it through.

And three months passed, without too much trouble,

Although after emptying our porta potty, I always needed a double.

But our outdoor adventure has now come to an end,

And as another begins, our back-to-basics lifestyle ascends.

We both look back fondly on the fun that we had,

And as we nod to the van, we agree it wasn’t that bad.

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