Monday, 21 November 2011

Dancing Has Become An Everyday Activity

So. Two weeks. What have we achieved? Hold onto your seats because we have pretty much redecorated an entire house in that time - on the cheap. The only room we didn't touch was the kitchen, which looks to be brand new. Long days, late nights, days strung together thanks to the spray and gloss paint highs, the sporadic jitters from the caffeine lows. Numerous wounds and battle scars, matted emulsion hair, no clear grasp of which day of the week it is, but it has all been worth it. Because we finally have a place to call home.

I'll leave you today with a teasing glimpse of what the final outcome is starting to look like and will post more before and afters over the coming weeks. Needless to say, we're really chuffed and keep stealing glances of each room as we walk by in disbelief and dancing in the hallway has become a bit of a thing. Given the hard graft we put into living in the caravan, I think we can allow ourselves a little erratic jigging every now and then. Especially now there's no risk of falling through the waver thin floor.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out over the last few weeks, you know who you all are, with a special shout to the two Lauras and Sue for making it possible to pick up the keys exactly four weeks after we put the offer in. Buying a house within a month is no longer an urban legend, we are living, breathing proof - with a little help from our friends ;) Now, time for a nap. No, wait, I'm back at work. Darn.

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