Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Crafty DIY : Spraypainting Light Fixtures

When we first viewed the new pad, we remembered the wall lights in the dining room as being a bit Norse like for our plans of shabby chic. So we had originally planned to remove them entirely and leave nice crisp, clean walls. However, upon arrival we switched them on (why do most estate agents never pop the lights on when showing prospective buyers round and instead make you view houses in the dark? Or worse by the stark light of the overhead bulb) and they gave off this beautiful light, especially in the evening. So we decided to make them part of the family, but with a little facelift of course.

This took a little patience, as firstly I had to delicately hang a plastic sheet from the ceiling coving. And you know that usually when I try to do something delicately, I end up getting caught or entangled in whatever I'm doing, so sure enough I kept sticking the masking tape to myself instead of the wall and then to the ladder...don't let me go on.

Soon enough I had the plastic sheet hanging safely and then I made a rough hole where the light feature was and threaded it through so that I could start masking tape the plastic hole to the edges of the light feature. It should look something like this.

Then we got to work on spray painting. Oh and remember to tape over the actual light fitting element to stop any paint getting inside and stopping the connection for the bulb. We did four thin layers and gradually the colour underneath fades and is replaced by what your spraying. The light fixings now blend into the wall during the day and come alive at night. And we saved a bunch of money - no new fixtures, no electrician to fit them and no making good for any holes left behind.

When you have finished and the surfaces are completely dry, very gently remove the plastic sheeting - make good any paint removed from the walls by the masking tape with a small brush and leftover emulsion paint. And then sit back and admire your new lights. I also spray painted some table and floor lamps, which I will show you later on - a brilliant way to update your decor on the cheap.

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