Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Brand Case Study : Sakura Designs

The wonderful crochet maker I mentioned a short while ago? Her name is Yutaka and she is a wonderful seamstress (and chef, but that's another post!), not only specialising in clothes for children and adults but remodelling old garments too, giving them a new lease of life. Her skills in turning a unwanted t-shirt into a desirable outfit are seemingly endless.

A short while ago, Yutaka decided that she wanted to include labels in her creations and had a logo design in mind and so together we created the identity above. This font (Anorexia)was chosen for it's gentle, handmade feel and personal touch (creepy name though right?) and the stylised cherry blossom bloom was created in Illustrator based on a sketch Yutaka had wanted to incorporate as the name Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom (which incidentally is a variation of her daughter's name).

I wanted to use a blush pink to convey her femininity, but also to appeal to other women as they will be the prominent target market and the grey was chosen to toughen it up a little and show that her designs are serious. You can visit her blog here (although you will need to be fluent in Japanese to be able to read it), however the pictures showcase some of her designs and handmade creations.

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