Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Beautiful Crochet Made by a Beautiful Person

I am a very lucky girl because I have a very generous friend who is very creative with all things needle and thread and has recently branched out into crochet. Each evening for a week, she crocheted something new. And guess what. She gave the set to me!

Kindly matching the colours of our caravan, my friend made a gorgeous selection of coasters and mats and a small pot (which is awesome) but I have not yet figured out a use for. Mind you, it won't be long once we start unearthing all our belongings. How cute are these?

The one thing that makes me sad is that I might not see them very often if they live in the van. But I have big plans! Left behind in the garden of the new house was a rather nice sized shed. So I have decided if the other half can commandeer the garage for a model railway, surely I can take over the shed and create a Craft Shack. Which means I could paint it up white and lime green and use some of the lovely accessories we bought and made for the van, including this gorgeous lot.

This very talented lady runs a blog herself, but I will save the address for when I show you her brand identity which I worked with her on. Don't worry I won't make you wait long. And thanks again for my presents honey!

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