Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pretty Autumnal Colours

As much as I grumble about the lack of warmth and the darker evenings creeping in, I do in fact love the seasons here in the UK. They may not arrive on cue and each year they may bring a new record to blow all other historical records out the water, but I do love the change that each season brings. The obvious one with autumn is the explosion of colour. And the excuse to buy another cuddly blanket and massive woolly socks. And more hats with bobbles on.

But here I will focus on the colours. We can talk bobble hats another day. Having spent the last two months on a woodland campsite, you can’t help but notice the colours change almost on a daily basis. On one of our walks, I collected a few odds and ends from the ground and took them back to the van to photograph.

After I had finished fooling around with macro again, I sat for a moment debating what do to with my collection as it was too pretty to throw away. The rabbit quickly gave me one solution by bounding over and speedily making a meal of the collected leaves. Before I could jump to my feet, he cheekily pegged it with the last of the leaves. So I only had the nuts and seeds left which I arranged around a cyclamen plant in a pot and made a table decoration with them. And then headed indoors to grab my bobble hat as the evening sunlight started to dip and that crispy hint of winter filled the air.

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  1. Very very good ideas you enthused monkey you, and the photos really do your beautifully designed pages proud. Clever old sausage. What a handsome rabbit too!!!


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