Friday, 14 October 2011

A Little More Space!

Why do some people want to know what colour pants we put on in the morning? We’re one of three caravans on a large campsite, all dotted around, plenty of wide open space between each of us. So why on earth do some people rock up and whilst pointing at our little haven, say ‘hmmm, let’s park right next to them.’ That’s nice and all, but really 12 inches is not that much space between caravans and a little too cosy for my liking, as in psycho cosy. Why do they feel the need to hear their neighbours peeing in the middle of the night? Does it give them comfort to know they are not alone? It sends shivers down my spine. It really does.

Anyway, with that off my chest (thanks for listening), and now that we have moved campsites because of the winter closure, may I present to you our newest extension in the great big outdoors...a winter awning. It is on loan from my very kind folks. The awning, which I lovingly refer to as the conservatory allows us to have a lounge for the first time in months, so with the help of a little radiator and numerous candles, we will be able to continue to sit outside until it starts snowing. And the rabbit is happy too, no more gale force winds rocking his hutch and spilling his oh so precious food pellets.

My folks did however, manage to bring back a delectable selection of poles, not all of them to fit this particular awning, so as with most things in our world, it’s a little wonky, but we don’t mind one bit. It suits us down to the ground sheets. And it provides hours of entertainment whilst we all jump to attention spilling our wine as the cat and the rabbit relentlessly test the perimeter boundaries for escape routes. Except now we have installed the high tech fencing as seen above.

It does mean however that we lose our little garden, but with the weather really passing borderline autumnal some time ago, we have decided to help our plant pots migrate back to the other half’s folks house, where they will be able to snuggle down for the winter.

Other than the new camping lounge chairs (how cool are these? You’re right, they are off the scale!), the interior only cost a few quid to throw together – the rug and lamp, we already had stored, the silver log table I made a while back seen here, the table in the middle is a wooden barrel  planter turned upside down with a wooden tray on top, the fairy light heart is homemade seen here and the net curtains (glamorous, no?) were originally one piece bought from a charity shop for £2 and cut into strips.

Oh, and the lantern – my new love from the Range. Sometimes you stumble upon something and you feel that if you walk away from it, then a little piece of your heart will remain there until the end of time, so I bought it. And love it.

The rabbit hutch in the corner is of course optional, if you prefer a quiet life, I would leave it at home if you’re off on your adventures. If you roll like us, and the pets are more like family members then you will understand that relaxation goes out the plastic windows. All this would not be worth it though without the morning hunger meows from the cat and the frustrated paper shredding from the ravenous rabbit. It's going to weird when we do finally live in a house again - so much space!

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