Friday, 28 October 2011

Crafty DIY : Skull Garland for Halloween

Halloween. My second favourite time of year. Next only to Christmas. Halloween is such a great excuse to decorate the house with cobwebs and dead mice and spiders. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between having decorations up and the house being normal. The skeleton hanging in the lounge usually tells it apart.

We usually dress up and have a celebration of all things spooky or a dinner party with eerily named dishes. We ALWAYS have Dead Man's Hand - a potent concoction of various leftover spirits in the cupboard (nice pun, no?) and top it off with a dead man's hand poking out of the punch bowl. The dead man's hand is in fact a rubber glove filled with water and secured with an elastic band. Pop it in the freezer for at least four hours and as the guests arrive, remove the glove and drop the frozen hand into the punch bowl. The fingers will float upwards, witch (another one!) looks very creepy.

So you can imagine that this year I am gutted (nasty pun this one) that we won't be able to celebrate properly. However I couldn't resist completely and so have made a little garland with painted skulls using what I had to hand such as the underrated king of stationary - TippEx. Although do this craft with the window open, as the smell can be a little overwhelming.

Simply cut out circles of black card, paint your skulls (I'm fairly certain that ghostly white paint will do the trick (or treat) too). Cellotape the backs to some string or elastic and hang wherever you see fit.  Of corpse (Oh, I'm too good!) I will be carving a pumpkin to put out on Halloween as well. Enjoy your spooooooky parties this weekend, if you're not having a party, why not (trick or) treat yourself to a bowl of Dead Man's Hand?

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