Monday, 10 October 2011

Crafty DIY : Old Top Becomes Bag Liner

For my rudimentary sewing skills, this little project was pretty easy. So a little background first. Some girls love shoes, I love bags. But I like boy bags more than hand bags. Probably because I carry around enough stuff to warrant a spine styled on Notre Dame’s favourite resident. So when this particular shoulder bag started dicing with the bin, once its lining had started to tear, I was a little sad.

Mind you, sadness quickly turned into frustration as various items fell through the torn lining and became lodged in a parallel universe. When I tried to retrieve them, all I managed to get hold of was a handful of shredded lining interwoven with torn tissues and old receipts.

However I was not ready to part with this particular bag. But without easy access to a fabric shop, I had to hit the drawing board. Well, the spare clothes bag under my desk at work. I pulled out a top for running which had never actually seen a run because it was too loose and would create drag. With my style of running, which can be best described as comical, additional drag is something I do not need. Anyway, I got to work giving it a new lease of life.

I turned the top inside out and stitched the neat hem along the edge at the top of the inside of the bag. Once I had sewn all the way around, I cut the fabric to size and sewed down one edge of the bag joining it into a new, smaller tunnel shape. I then cut off the excess fabric at the base and sewed along the bottom to finish the inner pouch (sewing very carefully to avoid new gateways to the black hole of personal items) and then sat back and admired the cheeriest inside of a bag I have ever owned. I am now seriously debating whether to reline all my other bags (once they resurface in the move of course).

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  1. Well done!! I love these kinds of idea.
    That is why I can't throw anything away, even Ben's old boxer shorts!
    (Don't worry, I won't tell you what I make it into.. haha!)


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