Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Crafty DIY : Mosaic Trivet

This little project is so much fun. There’s creative license to make whatever design you want, just the right amount of messy and is a big hit for gifts. In fact last year, I made quite a few of these and gave them away as trivets for Christmas presents, which were all well received, unless all the recipients are very good poker players.

You will need to get your hands on some small mosaic tiles – mine are originals from the 70’s thanks to my Mum  getting a little creative back then, but you can find them online or in craft shops if you’re lucky. If you’re going to make a few, then it’s worth getting a pack of bland and cheap tiles in to use as your base.

Simply arrange your mosaic tiles in any pattern you like and once you are happy with it, start grouting the backs of the mosaic tiles and place then one by one on one of the large bland tiles. Don’t worry too much about the base scuffing your surfaces as you just need to add a little felt to the base with PVA glue, either all over or with a small circle in each corner. Leave to dry as per the grout instructions and then grout in between the tiles using your finger to make the grooves as smooth as possible. Again leave to dry until the grout has completely set. Clean any excess off with a wet cloth.

You can use these little fellas as plant pot holders, cooking pot trivets, place mats, candle holders - even a funky plate for your salt and pepper, or even make a long tile and use it as a bread board. They are robust and cheery and definitely worth making.

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