Thursday, 20 October 2011

Crafty DIY : Homemade Christmas Cards

I know, I know, it’s a little early, but I thought I would crack on with some Christmas cards ready for posting in November seeing as Royal Mail are likely to strike at the critical time. That and I usually remember to send Christmas cards after the event, so there’s no harm in being prepared. Sorry in advance to all our friends and family as you now know what’s coming in the post!

There is a chain of reduced price book shops in the UK called The Works, but they also sell the cheapest craft items I have yet to find. A whole wealth of card making paraphernalia as well as art supplies and seasonal items. Perfect for stocking up for card making. However, as you all know, space is a little tight in the caravan, so I only bought a pack of different textured papers, some glistening jewels and a silver pen.

Making cards is easy, you just need to clear an hour or two of your time to prepare the decorations before sticking them down. You will need some pre-folded cards or even buy a pack of A4 card, fold it in half and use standard white envelopes - just jazz up the outsides with a potato stamp (like holly leaves for example) to make it look less official.

Have a play with different designs and layouts, I always find I settle on one or two designs that I love. Then it's easy as you can cut out several templates at one time and have a mini production line going on. Be sure to use decent glue if sticking heavier items such as plastic jewels, however good old Pritt Stick does the job with paper.

I normally use a homemade stamp for the backs of all my cards, however it's buried with the rest of our belongings so I might make a new one, which is very easy and fun to make. I might show you later on. Until then, ho ho ho and all that!

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