Monday, 31 October 2011

Crafty DIY : Halloween Horrors

Happy Halloween everyone!!! I couldn't help myself! Last night, we introduced a few local bats into our caravan and made some slime to trap the bats, so much, that it started overflowing and was leaking out through the caravan door! And then my eyes popped out at the sheer volume of goo spilling out into the van.

Tonight we will be staying in, needless to say I doubt we will get any trick or treaters where we're living, but I will light the lanterns outside just in case.

Our menu for our tea this evening will be:

Worm Infested Fingers
(Frankfurter sausages poked with sticks of spaggetti and then boiled)

Main Course
Rotting Fleshy Eyeballs & Albino Bogies
(Meatballs with chickpeas in a spicy tomato sauce)
Roasted Brains & Maggots
(Roasted pumpkin in stir fried rice)

Wriggly Worms in Mud
(Childrens worm sweets in mashed up choclate cake)

Bat's Blood
(Pomegranate juice)

The green slime and bats have been a longstanding tradition in our house. I usually put the green slime on mirrors and window frames, but works quite well here, oozing out of the door. We just cut these out of green and black card, which only took a few minutes. You can hang the bats by a strand of hair, so thin that it looks like they are actually in mid air. Try to use hair that naturally drops out each day rather than attacking your own head.

Thanks to Martha Stewart, she inspired me to make these eyeball plastic glasses, which give an unexpected surprise at the bottom of the glass once you've drained your drink. Find some eyeballs on Google Images and print them out, cut them out and stick them with Pritt stick to the bottom of plastic glasses. Special thanks to the other half's mum for sponsoring our lovely mini surprised pumpkins (and our dinner with the leftovers of the pumpkins)!

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