Thursday, 13 October 2011

At Least Someone Gets a New Home

So, our house fell through, which was no surprise after everything we had been through. So we started house hunting again. Hmmm. Our least favourite pastime. Forget what the papers say, in Kent house prices are on the rise. So we embarked on our seemingly impossible mission resigning ourselves to the caravan for the winter and thinking that optimistically we may find something in January when everybody goes crazy living with the family and decides to escape by selling up.

So you can imagine our complete surprise at finding another lovely house again so quickly after only a week of looking. Our offer has been accepted and it’s all systems go! Except I’m not completely on board. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think any of us are because we’ve all been burnt before. It’s a lovely house with loads of potential to make it our own. It all just seems too easy for a change. So, we’re just going with the flow. Perhaps if we make it to exchange then we will let ourselves have a little celebration and allow the excitement to creep in. At the moment, we’re still in disbelief.

However, whilst we’re keeping everything crossed for a new home that is bigger than 13 foot, we decided to splash out on a new home for the rabbit who is now the same size as the cat. As his first birthday speedily approaches on the coat tails of all things ghostly, he is too big to live in such a confined hutch and so his situation is one we can change now.

This place is like a mansion. It ideally needed four beef cakes to manoeuvre it, but we had to settle with one spindly bloke from Pets at Home. The rabbit now has his own staircase. We don’t even own a staircase. He has four doors. We have one door. It’s crazy big! And he loves it, which is awesome. I feel our little boy is all grown up. A friend said we should keep an eye on him in case he starts wearing a smoking jacket – guess what the next Crafty DIY is going to be!!!

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