Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Teeny Tiny Holiday Barn in Kent

So the folks came back to stay. That meant disrupted days thanks to their extraordinarily late lie ins, an inexcusable amount of dessert temptations and a copious amount of wine. But this time they had their own space to explode into – a holiday cottage in the heart of Kent. This little barn at Penn Court (the picture below shows the view from the barn of another cottage to hire next door) had been converted for a holiday home by the owners who live in the grounds of a manor house, so you can imagine, it was a step up from our campsite.

This little barn had wraparound windows with views over green pastures with roaming cattle, a stream by its feet and chickens happily laying their eggs as neighbours. The seating area out the front was lucky enough to boast breakfast, lunch and dinner in the sunshine. With lavender beds, a herb garden and citrus yellow and ruby red roses all jostling for attention with their beautiful scents, we could not imagine a scene more charmingly English if we tried. We just needed scones to accompany our tea.

Inside the entire ceiling was exposed beams which was the cause of many a craning neck problem I am sure, captivating many a guest with their beauty. It looked as though it had been lovingly thought out during conversion and left us all with inspiration for our own homes. Now that we have lost the little house we have been waiting to move into (the owners have frustratingly decided after four months that they no longer wish to move), it is dangerous for me to think about plans for the future as I can't help but dream and get excited, so instead I have been jotting ideas down in the trusty notepad and taking photos for the scrapbook. Hopefully one day we will be able to work on our dream home. Until then, at least we are still technically a homeowner in the form of a caravan.

So with the fogies back, we took a few days off work to hang out and have a few adventures. Obviously having my charity shopping buddy back in the country meant a mini shopping spree for Mum and me, joining the boys in the pub garden afterwards. Obviously having my drinking buddy back in the country meant a few wine tasting sessions with my old mate. And obviously living with a train spotter, our holiday would not be complete without a real ale train and camping barn experience with a creepy, paranoid warden.

We even had an evening out at Leeds Castle - when you’re in Kent, check out the footpath through the grounds of the castle. Stick to the paths and you don’t pay a penny. although this does mean you don't get to experience the best maze in the whole of the South of England. We had an afternoon in the Fort Amhurst tunnels learning about Dead Ends (gruesome), clambering on trees at Shorne Woods and entertaining the masses face painting for the first time at an adorable three year olds birthday party. The most popular request was for a butterfly - which was a massive relief as that's the only one I knew how to paint. Now we're back to reality and back to house hunting. Wish us luck!

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