Monday, 5 September 2011

Recipe : Green Bean Dressing

My mum makes the most amazing dressing ever! It’s very easy and because you make it from scratch you can be sure there are no nasty hidden additives which are so common in shop bought dressings.  Our favourite way to use it is on French green beans, but it also brings salads to life. In fact I am happy with a plain shredded leafy lettuce drizzled in this dressing, whereas the other half goes straight for the French bread and uses it as an oil/balsamic substitution.

I have wanted to make this dressing a great deal in the caravan, given that it’s BBQ season (albeit in the rain), but we have only been able to make enough for a day as we have had nothing to store leftovers in. Until my charity shop spree the other week and I found this very cute little vessel with a glass cork style top – perfect for swirling the mixture inside before serving and adding a touch of glamour to the dining table. And a bargain at 79p!

The dressing is always very well received by guests and so many people ask for the recipe, however this is one of those dressings that can be added to depending on tastes, so view this recipe as a basis and keep adding until your tatsebuds go crazy. Fear not for leftovers, simply keep it covered and chilled and it will last you for a few days.

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