Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Recipe : Garlic Bread

A note to the lovely parents of the other half - look away now! We have discovered making our own garlic bread is sooooo much better than buying it in the shops. You can regulate the amount of garlic, ie. LOTS of garlic. It tastes soooo good. I can highly recommend Lazy Garlic for this recipe. A fantastic addition to the UK supermarkets, it has become so popular so turns out it's not just us that's lazy. It's brilliant for using garlic in cooking without all the prep and smelly hands, so this is a real simple and speedy little recipe for you.

And you can impress your friends when they're round. Why not take it step further and do this with homemade bread? I cannot wait to unearth our bread maker and get busy. And remember to brush your teeth before bed, at least the vampires should leave you alone after this meal.

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