Friday, 30 September 2011

Recipe : Crushed Tats

We’ve been making these for ages and they’re brilliant. We believe that this is THE BEST WAY to serve potatoes. They come out beautifully crunchy and very tasty with a little seasoning and look mouth-wateringly good on your plate. We discovered them as an easy way to have crispy tats without the hours' worth of preparation for roasties.

Needless to say these are a favourite in our home, fabulous to accompany pretty much anything. Alas, without our microwave in the van, it’s a little awkward, but if I remember to take some potatoes in (and take them out) I use the microwave at work and then finish them off in the oven at home.

You may notice that I very rarely cook with salt, and actually this is the only recipe that I use salt in. Nasty, evil little salt grains. Clinging and clogging up our arteries, however some salt is essential and with these it’s so worth it. So, get crushing.

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