Thursday, 15 September 2011

Recipe : Autumnal BBQ Veg

Whilst visiting the other half folks the other evening, we had the most amazing meal and one of the side dishes was very interesting. The other half's mum had experimented with a small home-grown marrow (I know, there's a lot of marrow on here, right?) and had chopped it into rings and roasted them with a little olive oil. They came out of the oven beautifully crispy, resembling onion rings and they tasted really good.

As soon as arrived home I was trying to figure out how we could make some with our left over marrow, but our teeny tiny oven would laugh in my face if I asked it to crispen anything up. And then one day, before the sun had lost its warmth, we decided to have a spontaneous BBQ, but only had a packet of sausages to entertain us. Whilst rummaging around the cupboards for something to make up the meal, I kept moving the marrow from place to place and finally gave in. Today was his day.

So I made a marinade out of what we had and we BBQ'd the chunky rings for a spicy accompaniment to our rosemary infused sausages (throw some rosemary on the coals underneath). Very tasty indeed. They are so much better crispy though so try not to cave and leave them on the grill a little longer.

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