Tuesday, 13 September 2011

One of Our Favourite Places

We adore this home, not just because it is beautifully decorated, but also because it feels so welcoming and is such a happy home. Our friends who live here are gorgeous inside and out to boot, and their kids are so much fun. Within milliseconds of arriving we will be dancing like crazies or cycling down the lane or walking the rabbits.

We spent a relaxing afternoon pootling down the river in a cute little boat waving at canoeists and then settled for the rest of the day in the pub garden (which incidentally had the best slide we have experienced recently - don't ask, but somehow we have recently found ourselves in the situation where we need to test out a few play park slides).

After a fun trip back in the dark along the river (the last picture shows our view looking back just before it started raining), we had chocolate fondue and put the world to rights. Whenever we visit these awesome folks, we always come away feeling inspired for all sorts of things, but getting a chocolate fondue kit is first on our list. We are also getting a little itchy about getting a home of our own, we cannot wait to get in the house and get to work - do I say that too much?

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