Thursday, 8 September 2011

Inside the Caravan - Part Two

I have always adored shabby chic, in fact I have been indulging in shabby well before it became chic, but since we bought the caravan I am taking it to another level with accessories to match the freshness of the white with the zing of the lime green. The colour scheme never fails to make me smile, especially when teamed with the warm glow of chandelier lamps, fairy lights and cosy candles.

Upon reflection, I guess the choice of colours was a wee bit brave given we live with two very messy (and hairy) small animals, but it’s worked out well. It has opened the caravan up so much that when we return home from a long day at work, we don’t feel like it’s a punishment to be confined to this small space. Especially now we have a dinner table!

As you can see from the picture, this version is a little more robust. The cat has tested it several times just to make sure it can take his weight and is happy with the outcome. Trying to keep him off the table is another story. The curtains are a little makeshift and still need sewing (at the moment, safety pins are holding them up, which looks soooo classy from the outside). I am loving the battery operated green lantern from a local pound store.

Having a table is awesome though. It has definitely improved our way of living tremendously. It means we can eat indoors, snug inside and out of the murky weather, play games in the evening as well as have a cup of tea in the morning. It's the little things in life. By sawing the long bench seat in half and creating two seats with room for a dinner table, we've really changed how the space is used in the van, which suits us very well.

The chandelier over the bed creates gorgeous dramatic shadows on the walls and ceiling at night. It really adds a touch of glamour to the van, but to balance out the femininity of the chandelier lamps, I bought a manly lava lamp for the other half, which lives on the kitchen top. And was a worthwhile investment as with the lights out, keeps us hypnotised watching the captivating blobs of lava make their repetitive rotational trips.

The kitchen, as you can see is quite petite and as long as we remember not to run the oven at the same time as the hob, we're not left standing in darkness. We've managed to cook all our meals successfully, although cooking for four takes a little longer unless it's a one potter. I guess that's a good excuse for take out though! It's also pretty easy having everything within arms reach. So the mornings just need an intrepid toe to reach out from under the duvet to switch on the lights, the kettle and the radio with relative ease.

Now that the seasons are on the turn again, we have introduced an electric heater to our tiny home, several big, fluffy blankets and large comfy cushions, we now feel ready to face the colder months – we are also armed with an abundance of library books, three boxes of wine and several television series to take our minds off the darker evenings. The phrase 'snug as a bug in a rug' keeps springing to mind. Cela n'est pas sensé probablement, pour vous Marie Jo. Je pense qu'il y a une phrase française similaire - bonne nuit, beaux rêves, pas de puces, pas de punaises!



  1. We love what you have done to that ordinary typical caravan interior (and exterior). We can't wait to come and stay and talk you through the next step. THE HOUSE !!!!!

  2. Your little home is "off the charts" precious! Love every inch. Seriously, I could live in this & be totally happy for the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing. Nancy R. from Georgia


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