Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Inside the Caravan - Part One

I thought I would post a few more pictures of the caravan interior which you might remember started out a very gloomy brown but within two days became a very refreshing lime green and white. Not only did all that elbow grease transform a drab old van into a sparkly new home, it was a bit of practice for when we are able to get our hands on a new house...this year if we're very, very lucky.

It took us a little while longer to improve the bathroom (I’ll call it a bathroom despite the distinct lack of bath) – any space containing a porta potty can be difficult to tackle, but now even this little room is fresh and airy. We were lucky to start out with a damp free shell, and the paint quickly masked any musty smells left behind from previous adventures.

As you can see from the before photo, it appears the previous owners utilised the bathroom as a dumping ground for various bulky items of camping equipment. So we set to work painting it white and making something of the space we had in there. After a bit of patching, I managed to waterproof the shower tray too and with the use of a shabby chic tin jug and a large garden trug for water, I created a makeshift shower room for us to wash in.

I was really hoping to spray paint the brown sink and shower tray white, but it needed a primer, several layers of spray paint and then a top coat of acrylic to waterproof it which cost around 50 spondoolips, so we decided we would live with the brown. The battery operated fairy lights make it, no?

As for the exterior, we wanted to personalise that too so we painted the outside of the caravan with Silver Grey hammered effect Hammerite paint, after a quick rub down with sandpaper. The paint took very well, and even though the van now sticks out somewhat amidst the sea of white vans (I like to think of it as a sexy, stealthy thing going on), she isn’t half easy for visitors to find!

Obviously all this was exhausting, crammed into 2 days, but totally worth it. Even the giant paint splatter in the old eye ball didn't knock us back. If you're planning a similar project for your holiday home, expect a few odd glances if you decide to paint the outside. Our fellow campers thought we were certifiable. One old man, typically dressed in sandals and white socks, shamelessly turned his camping chair to face us so he could watch the fun and games throughout the day. At least we provided some light entertainment on the site, it got a whole lot more interesting for the lounging ladies once the other halfs cousin took his top off in the heat.

I'll post more shots of the inside later this week...


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