Friday, 9 September 2011

Crafty DIY : Tabletop Candle Holder

After my empty  tin can filled with carnations started to rust up having been adorning the outside table in the rain, I needed a new centrepiece. I have seen similar displays that people have created mainly for weddings and thought this looked pretty cool.

So during a well-earned rest on a tough uphill bike ride, we sat down on some chopped silver birch logs which were starting to settle under a bunch of overzealous moss. I freed some of the logs from their new stalker and took a little bit of moss and some stripped silver birch bark home with us.

I simply turned the rusty can upside down, wrapped the bark around the sides and superglued the edges. I then added the moss on top, finishing it off with a small church candle. And there you have it, a simple but rather stunning table display. Be careful with the super glue though as I classically stuck my fingers together. My finger tips felt foreign for days afterwards.

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